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13 Jul

History of Orange Drive Hostel

History of Orange Drive Hostel

Orange Drive Hostel

Orange Drive Manor, was built as a private residence by a lawyer in 1910.
It was later bought by Mr. Black in the 1930’s, who enlarged the house by moving a home from Highland Avenue, and connecting it to the back of Orange Drive Manor.
Mr. Black began running the house as a boarding home for the growing Hollywood area.
The current owner Marie, bought the house with her husband Alfred in 1956, and continued to run the house as a boarding home.
By that time, Hollywood was at the height of its golden age. Through the years the house has played host to numerous stars, which include, Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable, Gary Cooper, Rita Hayworth, Kim Novak, Douglas Fairbanks Jr, Johnny Weismuller ‘Tarzan”, Ester Williams, and more.
As Hollywood changed, and the movie studios moved on to other areas, a totally new endeavor was started in 1996, Orange Drive Hostel was born, and continues to bring travelers from around the world to our beloved Hollywood community.

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