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28 May

Secret Staircases of Los Angeles

Long before cars ruled the streets of Los Angeles, the City of Angels was originally well served by public transportation which included trolleys, streetcars, buses and light rail systems.
In the 1920’s the city built staircases throughout hillside communities in Los Angeles so pedestrians could access the public transportation which were built mainly in steep hillside communities.
These staircases can be found in neighborhoods like Silver Lake, Echo Park, and elevated areas of Highland Park, Hollywood, and Santa Monica.
At that time, the staircases to public transportation was so prominent that developers built houses that had no other access to the outside world. These houses were set on steep hillsides without driveways and everything required the use of the public staircase usually running across the front of the houses.
The birth of the car industry in LA put an end to the trolleys and light railway systems, but the staircases remain throughout these neighborhoods and have become forgotten pathways. They are a reminder of a time long past and a fascinating exploration into some amazing LA neighborhoods.
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Courtesy of Secret Stairs LA 
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