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14 Feb

Our Facebook page (and ending the Facebook group)

[one_half]We’re working on consolidating our various hubs out on the Web…turns out you’re not supposed to have 5 different Facebook pages–who’d have guessed? 😉
We’ve almost got it down to just the one Facebook page–please “like” us there if you haven’t already. (Thanks in advance; we like you too!)
There is one straggler left…our original Facebook “group”, Orange Drive (Hostel) for Life!, which we will be shutting down sometime in the next few weeks.
We’re encouraging anyone who joined that group in order to show support or follow our happenings to go and like our official page instead now, and then actually leave that other group, so we can tell how close we are to being able to shut it down.
Here’s how you can tell if you’re a member of the group…
join group screenshotIf you aren’t, you’ll see this in the upper right of the screen, below the photo strip:
In which case, you’re all set. Don’t join–just make sure you’ve liked our page over here, and you’ll be sure to be kept in the loop from here on out.
member of group screenshot

If you’re already in the group, it will look more like this:
In which case, after making sure you’ve liked our page instead, you should leave the group, by clicking that little gear icon and choosing “Leave group”. That way we’ll know we got another “convert”, and you won’t be bothered by our relentless “we’re moving!” postings there. 🙂

Thanks for your help and patience as we work out this last kink in our (I think I’m using this term correctly) “web presence”!
-Gretchen and the Orange Drive Hostel staff
[/one_half] [one_half_last]

Facebook page

Our Facebook page – the place to be!

Our Facebook group

Our Facebook group – no longer the place to be. 🙁


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